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When I lived in Valencia I ate lobster quite often. Now that I live in the UK I don't eat it so much. The truth is I miss eating to eat it. I never think about cooking lobster at home because I think it is very difficult.

I think I dream every night, although sometimes I can't remember them. For example when I'm getting nervous for something I usually dream about with it. When I was studying and I had exams, the previous nights before it was usual that I dreamt about with them

One of my destinations destinies on of my bucket list is Argentina. I love its culture and people, plus, as I am Spanish, I could communicate easily with people there. I also love also the weather! It would be awesome to spend Christmas on in the beach under the sunshine!

If I were you, I would make some insinuation. If he does not get it, I would will talk to him directly and explain explaining it is your food and, for example, you are planning to cook a recipe and then you can not find the ingredients...You can also ask her/him how she would will feel if you did the same...

If it was is possible, I would do make a quick search about how to move to another planet. If not, I would just try to enjoy myself with my friends and family, eat out in luxury restaurants, look for a view of a beautiful sunset, go to the beach... And for sure, I would not go to work!